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            Chen Haiwen

            Professional photographer

            In 1992, he founded Shanghai Sanya Cultural, Communication & Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Founder and Art Director)
            Member of the 10th and 11th CPPCC Shanghai Committee
            Vice Chairman of the World Chinese Photography Association
            Executive Deputy Director of Photography Committee of the China Culture Promotion Association
            Vice Chairman of the China Industrial Photography Association
            Director of China Photographers' Association (four terms in a row), Member of the Art Photography Professional Committee (one term), and Member of the Commercial Photography Committee (two terms)
            Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Photographers Association
            Director General of Excellent Traditional National Culture Photography Special Fund of Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation
            He was in charge of Shanghai Photography for ten years
            He founded the Shanghai Old Camera Manufacturing Museum
            Winner of the Eighth and Ninth Golden Figure Award For Photography
            He has repeatedly served as a judge of important events in Chinese and foreign photography circles and successfully organized and presided over influential large-scale photography activities