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            Founded in 1992 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million, Shanghai Sanya Cultural, Communication & Exhibition Co., Ltd. is specialized in the planning, photographing, editing, production, publication, presentation and distribution of humanistic photography collection, complemented by a variety of services including theme promotions, communication activities, exhibition and display, and museum establishment. The company serves and builds close partnerships with government agencies and large state-owned enterprise groups.
            The company has edited, photographed, produced, published and distributed major large-scale humanistic photography collections including:
            Harmonious China - Features of China's 56 Ethnic Groups, China's 56 Ethnic Groups, World Heritage in China, A Happy Existence - Chen Haiwen's Photographic Record of His Journey, Old Industries in Shanghai, Impressions of Shanghai, Shanghai China, Shanghai Night, Digital Shanghai, Aerial View of Shanghai, PEACE & PROSPERITY - Classic Buildings of Jing'An District, Shanghai, PEACE & PROSPERITY - The Historical & Cultural Preservation Zone in Jing'An District of Shanghai, Classical Huangpu, Inheritance - The Treasure of Heritage Architectures in Modern Shanghai, Classic Buildings of Shanghai, Shanghai Shikumen, Vibrant Lanes in Shanghai - Tianzi Fang, Most Influential Photographers in China (15 volumes), 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake in China, A Sight Amid Phoenix Trees Sinan Mansions on Century-Old Sinan Road of Shanghai, The Bund,
            Impression of England, Days To Be Commemorated -- Image Diary of Shanghai Disney Construction, Reading Building, and Shanghai Event, etc.
            Physical investment in related sectors:
            In 2002, the company invested to found a Sino-foreign joint venture of Shanghai Meiya Yanzhong Printing Co., Ltd.
            In 2005, the company made an additional investment to purchase land and build 11000 square meters of modern printing plant in the southern suburb of Shanghai, and set up its cultural and creative center and photography studio.
            In 2007, the company invested to found Shanghai Sanya Bookstore.
            Investment in public service projects:
            Since 2005, the company has successively sponsored and presided over the work of Shanghai Photography for 10 years, and sponsored and presided over the work of Modern Industry and Commerce for two years.
            In 2012, the company established the Shanghai Old Camera Manufacturing Museum.
            Since 2015, the company has started a new round of transformation, successively withdrawing the investment in the original entity projects in related sectors and focusing on the development of international cultural communication between China and foreign countries by taking advantage of the company's unique professional resources.